“Law is constantly evolving. If you don’t follow its steps, you will become less of a lawyer each day”


L4LAW was created with the entrepreneurial spirit of its team of professionals, who have extensive experience in renowned national and international law firms, and the drive and desire to offer speedy, personal and friendly legal advice, that can be tailored to our clientsneeds.

We are...

Legal, in our way of doing things and in what we do.
We enjoy being assiduous readers of rules, regulations and legal Literature.
Currently Local, to provide a better global service: from Barcelona and Santander for the whole world.
In our actions, trusted Laborers for our clients and respected by our opponents.
But, above all else, we are Loyal. Loyal to our clients and their interests; Loyal to our profession and way of understanding it; Loyal to our passion for Law; Loyal to our background; Loyal to the companionship on which our project is based.
Loyal to Law


L4LAW is a law firm that provides advice to its clients in all areas of business law, from the start, during and through to the completion of a process; in the face of setbacks and in difficult times:

The Firm

Diana Rodríguez

She has more than twelve years’ experience in corporate and commercial law. She left Garrigues (Barcelona) in 2017 to set up her own firm, leading that practice until the creation of L4LAW. She specializes in the purchase and sale of companies and assets, as well as real estate transactions, corporate restructuring, business reorganizations, shareholders’ agreements, strategic alliances and joint ventures. 

She advises both Spanish and international clients on corporate and contractual matters. She has led several restructuring transactions, established venture capital funds, negotiated and executed agreements between investors and managers, and designed investment and divestment transactions in portfolio companies for venture capital firms. She also has extensive experience in contractual matters (service, distribution, agency agreements, etc.) advising clients in these areas on a recurring basis.

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  • LL.B. (Bachelor of Laws) in English and Spanish Law, University of Kent at Canterbury, UK (2004), earned with First Class Honors
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Law, ESADE Business & Law School, Ramon Llull University (2008) with specialization in commercial law and tax law
  • Master’s in Law, ESADE Business & Law School, Ramon Llull University (2008)
  • Master’s in Business Law, Centro de Estudios Garrigues & Harvard Law School (2010)
  •  Executive Education, Finance for non-financial managers, ESADE Business & Law School (2018)


  • Professor in the Masters in Access to Legal Practice program (ISDE)
  • Professor in the Masters in International Law, Foreign Trade and International Relations (ISDE)


  • English
  • French
  • Spanish
  • Catalan


Recognized by the Best Lawyers magazine in the area of private equity

Cristina Ramon

After thirteen years at Cuatrecasas, she left the firm to jointly set up L4LAW, where she leads the litigation and arbitration practice. She has extensive experience in commercial litigation, including national and international arbitrations. She specializes in corporate disputes (directors’ liability and challenging corporate resolutions) and all kinds of contractual disputes, including those arising from sales and equity investments. She has extensive experience in disputes arising from unfair competition.

She has participated in the resolution of numerous legal and arbitration disputes, as well as in negotiation processes arising from civil and commercial, contractual and non-contractual disputes. She has also advised both majority and minority shareholders and/or companies themselves in numerous shareholders’ meetings. Her practice also includes participation in all kinds of enforcement proceedings arising from financing agreements, such as foreclosures, pledges and all types of guarantees.


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Law, Barcelona University (2005)
  • Juris Doctor, Law School of Puerto Ricos University (2006).
  • Postgraduate studies in analysis of financial statements, Pompeu Fabra University (2014). 


  • Professor in the Masters in Business Law program (ICAB).


  • Precautionary measures in the civil system and controversial issues in the calculation of procedural deadlines.
  • The interpretation of the courts. 


  • English
  • Spanish
  • Catalan

Albert Fauria

After nine years practicing law in renowned national and international firms, he founded his own firm in 2018. A year later he became a partner in L4LAW, where he leads the restructuring and insolvency area, while also developing the litigation and arbitration practice.

He has extensive experience in insolvency proceedings and the negotiation of refinancing agreements; both in defense of the interests of the debtor and its directors and the creditors affected by the insolvency. He also has extensive experience in civil and commercial litigation, assuming the client’s legal defense in all types of procedures, especially in insurance law and liability actions for damages and inheritance.

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  • Bachelor’s Degree in Law, Autonomous University of Barcelona (2010).
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management and Administration, Autonomous University of Barcelona (2010).
  • Master’s in Insurance Law from the National University of Distance Education (2015).



  • English
  • Spanish
  • Catalan

Manuel Félix Torreiro

With more than ten years of experience in the Tax Law department at the firm Garrigues (Barcelona), in 2020 he becomes a partner at L4LAW, where he co-leads the Accounting and Tax law department. He specializes in the corporate taxation area, providing ongoing tax advice to small and medium-sized companies and large business groups in the areas of Corporate Income Tax, Income Tax for Non-Residents, Value Added Tax and Stamp Duty Tax.

He has extensive experience in providing ongoing tax advice to all types of companies in broad economic sectors (focusing particularly on the automotive, transport, construction and real estate development sectors), business groups’ taxation under the tax consolidation regime, taxation of transactions and business restructuring transactions, taxation of real estate transactions and taxation of public sector contracts. He has been involved in numerous due diligence processes, acquisitions and corporate restructuring transactions.

Likewise, he has extensive experience in inspection proceedings before the tax authorities, claims before the Economic-Administrative Courts and administrative appeals to the High Courts of Justice and the National High Court.

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  • Bachelor’s Degree in Economic Law at Universidad de Vigo (2008)
  • Master’s in Tax Consultancy and Management, ESADE Business & Law School (2009)
  • Master’s in Business Law, C. E. Garrigues & Harvard Law School (2012)


  • Accounting Law Lecturer at Escuela de Nuevas Incorporaciones de Garrigues


  • English
  • Spanish
  • Galician

Beatriz Lamadrid

After over eleven years practicing law in the Tax Law department in the firm Garrigues (Madrid and Barcelona), in 2020 she joins L4LAW as partner, where she co-leads the Accounting and Tax Law Department. She specializes in family businesses and wealth taxation, providing tax advice to individuals and large groups or family businesses in the areas of Personal Income Tax, Wealth Tax, Corporate Income Tax and Inheritance and Donations Tax.

She has extensive experience in providing ongoing tax advice to large business groups and small and medium-sized companies from various sectors, as well as in business restructuring taxation  and business groups’ taxation under the tax consolidation regime. She has been involved in numerous due diligence processes, acquisitions and corporate and asset restructuring transactions. Likewise, she has extensive experience in inspection proceedings before the tax authorities and appeals to the Economic-Administrative Courts.


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Law at Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (2008)
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration at Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (2008)
  • Master’s in Tax Consultancy and Management at ESADE Business & Law School (2009)
  • Master’s in Business Law at C. E. Garrigues & Harvard Law School (2011)


  • Accounting Law Lecturer at Escuela de Nuevas Incorporaciones de Garrigues


  • English
  • Spanish
  • Catalan

Ana Morales

After fifteen years in the labour law department at Garrigues (Barcelona), she left the firm in 2016 to set up her own firm specialized in employment law. In 2021, and after several years of stable collaboration with L4LAW, she joins the Firm as partner to lead the employment law department.

She has extensive experience in providing ongoing advice in all fields of employment law to companies from various sectors, as well defending the clients’ interests in inspection proceedings before the Labour Authority and also in labour courts (Litigation).

She has been involved in numerous due diligence processes, acquisitions and restructuring processes.

She also has wide-ranging experience in matters concerning top management employees, non-compete clauses, stock option and similar long-term remuneration schemes.

Member of the Barcelona Bar Association (ICAB) since 2001.



  • Lecturer in several courses and seminars on Labour Law


  • English
  • Spanish
  • Catalan



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The Commercial Law Department of L4LAW provides comprehensive corporate law advice, to both listed and unlisted companies, from the beginning of their corporate life, with their incorporation, through to the termination of their legal personality, including recurring advice in the search for solutions to all legal needs that may arise in the day to day of these companies.


Our corporate advice includes:

  • incorporation of companies
  • amendment or update of bylaws and internal regulations
  • analysis of legal issues related to the transfer of shares
  • acting as board of directors’ secretary and, in general, recurring advice.
  • corporate restructuring (mergers, spin-offs, conversions, international relocations)
  • resolution of legal issues related to the governing bodies of the companies
  • advice on corporate disputes


We advise our clients on the preparation, negotiation, analysis and interpretation of business contracts, regardless of their sector of activity or legal nature, terms and conditions, both nationally and internationally.


As a particularly relevant area within the L4LAW corporate department, we provide services in the following areas:

  • design and execution of corporate investment and divestment transactions
  • comprehensive advice on due diligence processes of companies, assets or businesses in all areas of law and commercial practice in particular
  • preparation, negotiation and execution of joint venture agreements and strategic alliances through the most suitable vehicle for each case
  • structuring, negotiation and execution of real estate M&A transactions


Our experience in this area includes, among other:

  • incorporation and fundraising
  • seed or start-up capital in innovative companies (venture capital)
  • advice to funds, promoters and managers in investment and divestment processes, negotiating and documenting preferential rights, options plans for employees and other characteristic elements of these types of transactions, including exits through trade sales or IPOs in alternative markets

The L4LAW litigation and arbitration team has extensive experience in dispute resolution, litigation before the courts of justice and in ad hoc arbitration proceedings and before the main domestic and international arbitration courts. 

We accompany our clients and defend their interests in disputes, advising them in order to avoid possible litigation or arbitration and, when unavoidable or strategically appropriate, to face it in the best possible conditions.

Our litigators are experts in legal advice and assistance in all types of civil and commercial proceedings, and in all their steps, stages and appeals before the national courts of justice.

Part of the advice in the litigation and arbitration area includes the preparation of legal reports and opinions on potentially litigious civil and commercial matters, as well as carrying out preventive analysis to identify and avoid potential legal risks. 

We also work closely with the team of commercial lawyers, as well as, where appropriate, with other collaborators in different legal areas to design and implement pre-litigation and litigation strategies in line with the defense of our clients’ interests.

These are some of the areas in which we work in the litigation and arbitration department.


  • Civil liability
  • Obligations and contracts
  • Construction and engineering law
  • Enforcement proceedings
  • Inheritance


  • Corporate and commercial disputes
  • Director liability
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Commercial contracts 
  • Unfair competition
  • Insurance law
  • Competition law
  • Proceedings concerning trademarks, industrial designs and intellectual property rights


Criminal proceedings for financial crimes: crimes against the Public Treasury, corporate crimes, fraud, misappropriations, subsidy fraud


Representation and defense in arbitration proceedings, national and international disputes arising from civil and commercial contracts, and conflicts between shareholders and companies.

L4LAW advises distressed debtors so that they can make the best decisions to restructure their business operationally and/or financially, assisting, among others, in the implementation of fast and cost-effective strategies to maximize cash inflows through vendor plans, individual or collective agreements and legal or out-of-court claims.

L4LAW also advises financial institutions and other third parties in the defense of their loans, secured or not, in pre-insolvency and insolvency situations, actively collaborating in the recovery of loans and periodically monitoring any incidents that may affect them.

We also have extensive experience in advising on the acquisition of companies, production units, individual assets and debt packages, mitigating the legal risks of acquisitions and reducing execution times.

Comprehensive advice in the restructuring and insolvency area also includes the analysis of the potential commercial responsibilities of the directors, managers and representatives of insolvent or near-insolvent companies.

L4LAW provides the following services in the restructuring and insolvency department:


  • Pre-insolvency strategy development
  • Debt restructuring and negotiation with creditors
  • Refinancing agreement approval
  • Court reporting under Article 5 bis of the Spanish Insolvency Act


  • Assistance for the debtor and its creditors throughout the insolvency process (common stage, agreement or settlement)
  • Credit recognition and objection
  • Legal assistance during the insolvency qualification stage
  • Reinstatement actions and other insolvency events
  • Advising on the acquisition of production units within insolvency proceedings.
  • Recognition and enforcement of insolvency judgments issued in foreign insolvency proceedings
  • Enforcement of guarantees and recognition and enforcement of foreign credits and guarantees in Spanish insolvency proceedings

L4LAW’s Tax department provides comprehensive advice on accounting and tax law based on the specialization, experience and knowledge of our clients’ business to Spanish and foreign companies with interests in Spain, as well as to individuals, seeking adequate and optimal compliance with tax obligations.

L4LAW’s Tax department advice includes, on a permanent or specific basis, the following areas:


  • monitoring of the activities carried out by our clients in order to obtain the most advantageous application of tax regulations, optimizing decisions and economic measures
  • recurrent advice in relation to the fiscal year-end and payments on account of the Corporate Income Tax
  • design of corporate groups’ tax policy
  • drafting of reports, opinions or legal opinions on issues of special complexity and economic or business relevance or which, due to their degree of specialization, require specific analysis
  • advice for the correct application of deductions and optimization of the remuneration policy
  • accreditation of R+D+I deductions
  • advice to non-profit organizations on issues related to sponsorship incentives
  • indirect taxes (VAT, Stamp Duty, Customs and Special Taxes)
  • local taxation
  • submission of binding tax queries to the Tax Authorities


  • advice and planning in relation to the Personal Income Tax and Wealth Tax
  • advice in relation to the Inheritance and Donations Tax


Overall advice on the key factors that determine the growth and maintenance of the family business:

  • implementation of optimal corporate and asset structures for the purpose of benefiting from tax incentives linked to the Family Business Regime
  • review and monitoring of compliance with the requirements for the application of the Family Business Regime
  • succession planning
  • assistance in the transfer of ownership or inheritance of the family business
  • establishment and execution of Family Protocols



We advise our clients on management, collection, tax inspection and sanctioning procedures. Likewise, we present claims before administrative or contentious bodies and courts and we carry out procedures in tax matters regarding tax crimes, in coordination with L4LAW’s Litigation and Commercial departments.


  • tax planning in mergers, spin-offs, acquisitions, company dissolutions and business restructuring in general
  • due diligence processes
  • monitoring and execution of transactions in coordination with our Commercial Law department 


Our experience in this field includes, among other, the following services:

  • interpretation and application of the registration and valuation rules contained in the General Accounting Plan
  • analysis of the accounting treatment applicable to business transactions or restructuring or acquisition operations
  • inquiries before the ICAC
  • assistance in external audit processes
  • assistance in the preparation of consolidated annual accounts for company groups
  • accounting treatment of intra-group transactions
  • implications derived from the application of International Financial Reporting Standards

L4LAW’s Employment Law department provides comprehensive advice on employment law matters to all its clients, both companies and individuals.

Such advice aims not only to solve specific labour issues or conflicts that may arise for our clients from time to time, but also to carry out an important ongoing service of preventive counseling to avoid or limit potential risks and contingencies, as well as eventual undesired labour conflicts for our clients.

We advise our clients in the following areas and matters:


The ongoing labour advisory service to companies covers all labour and employment queries that may arise on a daily basis in relation to issues such as hiring of employees, changing of their working conditions, working hours, breaks, remuneration, stock option plans and other long-term incentive schemes, disciplinary sanctions, dismissals, and special agreements (exclusivity, non-compete and golden parachutes).




Our advice in this area includes, among others:

  • Collective bargaining
  • Relations with the legal representation of workers
  • Strikes
  • Collective dismissals (ERE)
  • Employment contract suspensions (ERTE)
  • Transfer of workers
  • Changes to working conditions


We have wide experience in labour and employment advice regarding acquisition of companies, business units, structural amendments (mergers, split-ups, etc.) Our service also includes advice and support concerning possible labour-related measures (dismissals, transfer of workers, changes in working conditions, among other) that need to be implemented as a result of the specific transaction or business restructuring undertaken.


We also have extensive experience and expertise in the classical review of labour and employment law compliance within companies (due diligence).



Defense of the client’s interests before the Labour Inspectorate (“Inspección de Trabajo”) in all its phases, including assistance with the visit or summons to the inspection as well as the preparation, if necessary, of the corresponding pleadings and appeals against the infringement notice (“Actas de Liquidación de Infracción”) issued against the client.



In order to offer its clients multidisciplinary advice, L4LAW has a stable network of collaborators specialized in the different areas (public law, industrial and intellectual property, among others), all of them selected for their great expertise and professionalism, as well as for having the same work philosophy as L4LAW.

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